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To adorn every space with grandeur and finesse, we introduce to you, Lamina. The word itself speaks of its Latin connection, meaning a thin layer or a surface. A brainchild of RMC, we have created a mystery, to make your interiors look and feel luxurious.

Lamina is a 100% engineered product made from no natural composites. It is processed with additives to make it ‘flame and water proof’, giving it durability and long life and is a ‘value for money’ product. We especially treat it to make it resistant from chemicals and mechanical stress. All these treatments will help you use Lamina as a ‘no worry’ product in all your applications. Lamina products last longer and generations will enjoy the beauty of the homes/ offices/ commercial establishments.

The highlight is the plethora of designs that Lamina has. Nature is often the best source of inspiration and it’s from here that we bring to you an assortment of most exotic lifestyle statements. We have more than 100+ designs and finishes in marble, wooden textures and 3D, which isn’t available to you from anyone else. These come in the form of flat sheets for walls and floor applications coupled with all kinds of matching mouldings for both skirtings and sides. This will give a new dimension to your imagination and creativity to make your house/ office an exclusive one!

Continuing with our philosophy of being a solution provider, we also offer decorative aluminum linings to recreate designs in your homes, make it immaculate and enhance the beauty of your creations.

Lamina is a ‘last mile and the final destination’ for all your needs to make your creation a prized one. So from now on you have the freedom to think wild……. experiment enough…… express yourself.

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Water Resistant

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Flame Retardant

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Easy to Clean

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Scratch Proof

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Termite Resistant

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UV Resistant

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Easy to Install

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Nature Friendly

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