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  • Doing up commercial spaces

    Decorative lamination is hugely popular in commercial spaces like offices since they are fuss free and easy to maintain feature. Workstations are by far made using these sheets to handle greater wear and tear. From a design perspective, what struck you most about the last hotel you stayed in? Or what added an extra tinge of excitement while having that…

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  • As we evolve, Our homes should too

    All new home buyers face the biggest problem of creating a unique home in standardly built-up apartment complexes. It is a great challenge to add that extra bit of charm with basic infrastructure: basic white walls and cookie cutter spaces. A dream house is supposed to be special, it is suppose to give the vibe of our respective personalities because ultimately we are going…

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    Lamina is a 100% engineered product made from no natural composites. It is processed with additives to make it ‘flame and water proof’, giving it durability and long life and is a ‘value for money’ product. We especially treat it to make it resistant from chemicals and mechanical stress. All these treatments will help you use Lamina as a ‘no…

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